The Texas Hat Cleaning Shop

Well I have to say that we have been very busy here in the hat cleaning shop. We have received numerous styles and colors of hats to clean and we have been entrusted to do a full restoration of a Stetson 1000x western hat. There are many different hat makers to choose from but none are more iconic than Stetson.

So you may ask how do you clean a 1000x Stetson? The answer is simple, the same way I clean any other hat. Yes hat cleaning is an art but the principles are the same. I use the same dry cleaning or wet cleaning methods that I use when cleaning a 3x hat. The only issue I have with any of the mass-produced hats is that Stetson and all the rest use dyed powders on their hats in the finishing process. This is most evident when cleaning the brighter color hats like red, blue, green and so on. You will find that the hat loses a slight shade of color when the hat cleaning process is complete. I do have to say though; of all the custom made hats that I have cleaned this is not an issue. It seems that all the custom hatters have a more stable if you will, dye coloring process which does not need the colored powders like the mass-produced hats do.

No matter what hat you have or who made it, a regular hat cleaning is essential for prolonging the life of your hat. So before you dispose of that old nasty soiled hat, send it to Texas Hat Cleaners and let us bring your hat back to life.

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