Hat Restoration and Cleaning Service

Hat cleaning is an important part of keeping your fur felt hat looking good and lasting a long time. Lets face it, if you are dropping big money on a nice lid the last thing you want to do is let it go to crap.

Over the years or even throughout the seasons your hat is going to get dirty and it will absorb sweat and oils from your skin and hair. Whether you are a working cowboy or a dapper city slicker you will eventually need a hat cleaning. A good quality fur felt hat could be cleaned and renovated many time successfully thus giving you a lifetime with your favorite hat.

When I do a full renovation the hat is disassembled completely. I remove the hatband, sweatband and lining. The felt body is then dry cleaned and re-blocked to size and shape. I then reassembled and if nothing needs to be replaced, I use the old band, sweatband and lining if they are in good condition after cleaning. If they need to be replaced I then replace them with new items. For a partial renovation the hat may be spot cleaned and re-blocked to size and shape. Moth holes in the felt, tears and those caused by picking up the hat from the front pinch or edge of the crown, cannot be repaired. Also moth holes in the crown and around the brim break will lessen the integrity of the felt and may contribute to tearing when attempting to re-block the hat after the hat cleaning.

Hat cleaners and renovators, were once common in most cities and towns however, today they are few in number. At Texas Hat Cleaners we offer a multitude of hat cleaning services. Be it felt, leather, or straw we clean and care for it all. We take pride in our work! I opened Texas Hat Cleaners with the mission of delivering the absolute best customer service in the industry. If you are not 100% satisfied we aren’t either.

If you are looking for hat cleaning service that you can trust with your prized lid, let Texas Hat Cleaners bring your hat back to life.

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