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The very best hat cleaners!

The very best at what they do. My stetson was blown off my head in the NYC subway landing crown down. The first train blew it thirty feet down the tracks flipping it brim down. Two more trains rolled over it before subway workers performed a rescue. Miracle, no structural damage but greasy and dirty beyond belief. Long story short, Jay restored it like new. I could not be more pleased. It arrived very well packaged surviving well for the little while it was exposed to rain by the delivery service driver.


Texas Hat Cleaners restored my hat like new!

My stetson was blown off my head in the NYC subway. It landed crown down and the first train blew it some 30 feet down the line flipping it brim down. Two more trains passed before subway workers rescued it. Miracle, no structural damage but filthy with grease and grime. Long story short, Jay restored it like new. I could not be more pleased. It returned very well packaged and survived being left, briefly, in the rain by the delivery driver.

Gary Kay

I am very satisfied with Texas Hat Cleaners work.

I am very satisfied with Jay's work. I sent him a pretty rough, misshaped fur felt fedora. It looked like Red Skelton might have worn it in a skit. In return, I got a great looking hat that I can wear proudly! I am very happy with Texas Hat Cleaners!

Joel Newcome

65 year old hat now looks new!

Jay restored an old Stetson hat for me that goes back to the 50's. He did a great job and I recommend him for work on your hat.

Dave Hanson

My fathers favorite Stetson Mallory hat!


My Father recently passed and he had a trademark Mallory Stetson. My fondest memories of him are in that hat which my Mom purchased for him some time in the 80's. Over the years it had a lot of wear and tear including some stains. Jay was AMAZING. It was completely restored and will be a great keepsake for years to come. I highly recommend Texas Hat Cleaners.

Erika Klingenberg

My cowboy hat from the 1950's

Jay did a restoration of a very old hat for me. The results are excellent. The hat looks great. The price was right. I highly recommend Jay to take care of your hat.

Dave Hanson

Awesome job cleaning my grandfathers hat!

I feel blessed to have found Texas Hat Cleaners. I had them clean and restore a family heirloom hat; one that belonged to my grandfather. We estimate it to be from the '20's, and I remember my grandfather wearing it every time I saw him. Needless to say, I wanted someone with experience to restore the hat......Texas Hat Cleaners was just that place. I highly recommend them.

Jeff Sowell

35 years of wear and abuse and Texas Hat Cleaners restored it!

My hat was a pretty sorry looking excuse after 35 years of wear and abuse.Texas Hat Cleaners restored my hat to near new condition. My hats off to you, Jay.

William L. Davis

Texas Hat Cleaners gives care and attention to detail.

hat 6.jpg

I sent you a hat which my dad wore. It a great old hat! I was more than a little apprehensive about how the hat would turn out. Compare for yourselves amazing!!!
I appreciate the care and attention to detail you took with this project. I highly recommend your services to anyone who wants a great job done on restoring at hat.

Joel Moffett

I am Very pleased with Texas Hat Cleaners


Thank you for the great job done to my hat. I am very pleased and thourghly satisfied with the work completed, no fuse and done in time quoted. Very pleased and will use in the future if need should arise.

Thanks again,

Micheal Richard

Excellent job on my hat cleaning!

Thank you Jay for an excellent job of cleaning my hat, that I call "Road Kill". I learned my lesson, NOT to leave my hat on top of the car and drive off. But you did a great job of restoring it. I didn't think you could get the oil and grease off, from when it got run over, but you did.
And "Road Kill" is doing what it does best,
Thanks, Bob

Bob Yelton

Texas Hat Cleaners did a great job!

Texas Hat Cleaners did a great job on my hat, it was dusty, stained, the sweat band had just fell out. Now it looks like a new hat and feels like one. I will tell my friends about you, you did good.

harold george

Hat cleaning professionals!

Texas Hat Cleaners has restored my favorite hat, which is 20 years old. It looks like new!

Marwan Sadat

Texas Hat Cleaner my hat looks like it did 47 years ago.

Got my hat back today. It is like a brand new hat! It looks like it did the day I got it 47 years ago. I never thought it could look this good again. Jay, you are fantastic!

Robert Shewmaker

I highly recommend Texas Hat Cleaners...


Wearing western hats has been an integral part of my life for 64 years, and I take great pride in them. Over the years I have had my hats cleaned by various hat cleaners, and have come to expect a hat to still show shadows from sweat and hair stains. All my hats have been of high quality 20x and don’t like anyone messing with them. Here in Wyoming it’s said “You can mess with my wife, but don’t mess with my hat.” So it has always been with reluctance to hand one over to someone to be cleaned. I have 2 hats and both needed to be cleaned to the point that I felt that they needed to have a full restoration. On the Internet I came across Texas Hat Cleaners, and from the quality of their web site, decided to give them a try. The first hat I sent had been worn for 8 years and requested a full reiteration. Once received there, Jay personally called me (on Sunday no less,) and informed me that it only needed to be cleaned, which reduced my cost by $30.00. In todays bang it out for a profit mentality, most would have just gone ahead with the restoration for the full $100.00. I was very impressed with his honesty, and even more impressed with his work once the hat was returned. No stains___ no shadows. There were stains on that hat that I thought would be impossible to clean. It looked every bit to be new. As I said to Jay, I have become weary of telling everyone “No it is not a new hat, I just had it cleaned.” In turn, I sent my second hat, with12 years of wear, to Jay. It just came back and it too looks to be new, additionally both hats were blocked perfect. Something that was seldom accomplished in the past, thus needing to be re-blocked. I don’t know about your attitude towards letting someone mess with your wife (or your husband as the case may be), but I highly recommend that you let Jay mess with your hat___ he’ll do you right.

Donald E Winemiller, PhD

I am very pleaseed with Texas Hat Cleaners!

Received all 4 hats today 10/15/2014 I am very pleased with the work considering their age.( especially the white straw you did your best) I looked for the feathers in the boxes ? I ordered 4 the total was $8.00 they were not in the shipment but he did shipped them out right away.


Texas Hat Cleaners did an outstanding job!!

I purchased my Australian, Akubra felt hat while we were attending the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada. It is a very special hat for me; not only because of its fine quality but because of where I purchased it. While attending a football game, here in Texas, an exuberant fan spilled hot chocolate all over the top of my hat and around the brim. I later learned that chocolate is one of the most difficult stains to remove. I contacted Jay at TEXAS HAT CLEANERS and made arrangement to ship the hat to him. Jay explained that chocolate was very hard to remove, He promised to do his best.
Jay did an outstanding job! He removed about 99.999% of the stain!! I got my hat back much quicker than I thought I would and it looks fantastic! A great company that definitely exceeded my expectations. I recommend TEXAS HAT CLEANERS without any reservations.
Art Hohenberger
Southlake, Texas

Arthur Hohenberger

Texas Hat Cleaners revived our Stetson

Thank you very much for reviving our Stetson, which has a lot of great memories. It was revived to a much better condition. Thanks for doing a great service for our beloved hat. As you have noted, you can not find a reputable Hat service company for cleaning and blocking.
Many thanks,
Don Vos

Donald Vos

A Remarkable Hat Cleaner! I am amazed!

Jay, my hat arrived on my doorstep at 7:30 this morning. You've done a remarkable job with what you had to work with. I am amazed! Thank you, I appreciate your prompt service. I'll gladly recommend you to anyone in this country.

Bill Hockensmith

Texas Hat Cleaners Restored my Grandfathers Hat!

I found Texas Hat Cleaners through a Google search. There was no one in Missouri I could find to clean my grandfather's hat.
Jay was very helpful and informative with the whole process. It's nice to know there is still honest, trustworthy people to work with in today's fast paced world. Jay understood how important this hat is to me and cleaned/preserved it for me with expert care. You can certainly trust your precious heirlooms with him. I would definitely recommend him.


Beautiful Stetson Restoration

Excellent work on removing stains & reblocking Stetson. But even better was Jay providing information about this hat purchased at a "junk" shop. He knew the approximate age, style, & history of the Stetson as I knew very little about Stetson's. He did a beautiful restoration of this classic hat.

Marina Abad

You can trust Texas Hat Cleaners

Jay brought my Grandfather's 50-year old hat back to life and sized it to fit me. He was very responsive to all my questions before I sent him the hat, and I can now wear it with pride and do honor to my Grandfather's memory. You can trust Jay to do a great job!

Todd Sutton

My hat fit and felt like a million bucks!

Just wanted you to know I actually WORE my refurbished hat yesterday, and if you had been here I would have given you a big hug. My hat fit and felt like a million bucks. Thank you very much for such a good job.

-James Adkins, North Carolina

James Adkins

Excelent work done by Texas Hat Cleaners

Jay Martin the owner of Texas Hat Cleaners has worked very hard to please me in reworking my hat no one would have done so much for as little money. If you want your monies worth and your hat done right call Jay at Texas Hat Cleaners.

Richard Pate

Texas Hat Cleaners did a fantastic job!

Texas Hat Cleaners did a fantastic job cleaning my 7X Stetson. It had blown off my head and skidded across an asphalt parking lot. I was afraid the ugly black streaks would never come out, but they did. I will definitely use this company the next time I need a hat cleaned.

Dan Bastion, Jr.

Very Satisfied with Texas Hat Cleaners.

First time user of your service.

All 5 hats were cleaned & blocked to perfection.

Will be pleased to refer others to you...

Alvin Z.

Alvin Z

Excellent Hat Cleaning and Restoration

I recently acquired my father's Stetson that he wore in the 60's and 70's. It was very stained and dirty; when I got it. I found the Texas Hat Cleaner site on line and sent the hat to them for cleaning and blocking if possible. They did an excellent job of both. They replaced the original sweatband and liner at my request. I am very pleased with the work and very grateful to have my father hat back in excellent condition. The work was also done in a very timely manner. Thanks again for your great work Jay. I recommend Texas Hat Cleaners.

Dennis L. Brown

Dennis Lee Brown

The best cleaning job I have had on my hats.

I sent my Borsalino crushable fedora and two of my wool driving hats to jay for cleaning. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the hats back. Jay has done the best cleaning job I have had on my hats. Jay was in contact with me quickly and had great communication. My hats were cleaned and returned to me in a timely manor.

I will be using Texas Hat Cleaners again!


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