Cleaning a working Cowboy’s Hat

I have been faced with my toughest hat cleaning job yet! Cowboy’s and Cowgirl’s take pride in their hats and the character they gains over the years. A high quality fur felt hat can be run into the ground and still last many many years with proper care. These two hats were sent to me by a working cowboy. They arrived covered in cow poop and horse pee and they smelled bad!! My passion is all tings hats. As a custom hatter and hat cleaner I take great pride in restoring a family heirloom hat or just your plain ole working cowboy hat. I was excited to take on these projects!

The first hat is a sliver belly 10x beaver fur felt. I know it is hard to believe but this hat once cleaned will be a beautiful silver belly. As you can see here this hat has dirt and cow poop ground deep into the fur.

The second hat is a 10x Vaquero hat. This hat was very difficult to clean. The hat is a bone color with a matching bound edge.

As you can see just because your hat is dirty it does not mean it needs to be tossed out.
If you need a hat cleaned or restored send it to Texas and let Texas Hat Cleaners make your hat like new again.

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