Cleaning a family heirloom cowboy hat.

I have been in the custom hat making, cleaning and restoration business for quite a few years. I have seen a lot of hats from bad Ebay purchases to hard working cowboys hats to family heirlooms. Of all that I do in hatting I absolutely find the biggest self-satisfaction in restoring family heirlooms.

A recent cowboy hat restoration I completed was for a lady that her father recently passed away. When talking to her I could hear the love in her voice and the importance and trust she put in my ability. I loved receiving her email stating how much she loved the restoration and the she will cherish her dads’ hat. She has posted a testimonial along with a photo of her in her dads hat on our website.

Most people will put an old family members hat out to pasture just because it has a little dirt on it or it may not fit them. We can clean any type of hat in any condition. We can resize it or stretch it to the desired size for a proper fit. There is not much we cannot do with good quality fur felt hat.

So if you have a family heirloom, a working cowboy hat or you are just an urban cowboy in need of a hat cleaning, please give us a try.

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