About the hat cleaner

Hello and thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me. My name is Jay Martin and I am husband, father, multiple ironman finisher, a custom hatter and the owner or Texas Hat Cleaners!

I have a passion for hats and a love for a bye-gone era of cowboys and when hats were the norm. When I was a young boy I wanted to be like Matt Dillion on Gunsmoke who was played by James Arness. I have worked on hats since I was a little man. I fondly remember going to the goodwill with my dad to find hats that just needed a little care to be brought back to life. He would buy me a hat and I would take it home and promptly start working on it. I did this all the way thru college. All that work as a young boy and my deep passion for hats gave me a solid foundation for working with all headwear. In 2001 I sent my prized possession fedora hat to a hat cleaner and what I received back was not at all what I sent. At that point I was determined to learn everything I could about making and cleaning felt hats. This mission drove me into learning the art of the hat cleaning business and becoming a custom hatter later down the line.

We are located in Texas and my passion may lie in western style hats, but make no mistake about it, I can clean it all. I service fur felt, cotton, leather and straw in all styles including driving Caps, Fedoras, Porkpies, Homburgs and more!

I started Texas Hat Cleaners with one mission in mind, to give 110% service and customer satisfaction and the most honest guarantee there is. If you are not 110% happy then I am not happy! I deliver the absolute best customer service there is and I hope to be adding you to that satisfied customer list as well.

Call me at 956-570-9034 or send me an email! I am looking forward to cleaning your hat.

Thank you for your business!
Jay Martin
Your Hat Cleaner and
Custom Hatter

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